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Privacy Policy

Revaa Hotel welcomes you to its website and looks forward to a meaningful interaction with you. Revaa Hotel respects an individual’s right to privacy. This policy lays down our practices with respect to confidentiality and disclosure of personal information. Please familiarize yourself with our privacy practices, as given below. Should you choose to share your personal information with Revaa Hotel, it will be assumed that you have no objection to the terms of this privacy policy.

Collection of Personal Information

  • Revaa Hotel collects personal information only when it is required for business purposes.
  • While collecting any personal information, Revaa Hotel indicates the purpose of collection of such information and obtains the consent of the provider of the information in writing. Revaa Hotel gives the person providing the information with an option of not providing the information. He also has the option of withdrawing his consent given earlier. In such cases, Revaa Hotel may choose not to provide any services/supply goods for which the information was necessary.
  • While collecting information, Revaa Hotel or any entity authorized on its behalf to collect information takes such steps as are, in the circumstances, reasonable to ensure that the person providing the information has the knowledge of –
  • the fact that the information is being collected
  • the purpose for which the information is being collected; and
  • the intended recipients of the information
  • The providers of information are permitted, as and when requested by them, to review the information they had provided.
  • Confidentiality and Disclosure of personal information
  • The terms of confidentiality and disclosure of personal information will be recorded in the non-disclosure agreement that may be entered into with the provider of the information.
  • Revaa Hotel has also adopted reasonable security practices and procedures comprising of managerial, technical, operational and physical security control measures with a view to ensure confidentiality and prevent unauthorized disclosure of personal information.
  • Revaa Hotel uses the personal information only for the purpose for which the same has been furnished. Revaa Hotel does not retain information after the purpose for which it is furnished is accomplished unless the same is required to be retained under any law in force or for audit purposes. In such cases also, confidentiality of such information is maintained.

Policy for Website Usage

  • Any personal information shared by you in this website/app shall be kept confidential in accordance with Revaa Hotel reasonable security practices and procedures. Personal information, shared by you, shall be used for doing the intended business with you.
  • Revaa Hotel assures you that in the event of your personal information being shared by the Company with its subsidiaries, business associates etc., such sharing of information shall be for the purpose of doing the intended business with you. You hereby grant your consent to Revaa Hotel to share such information with its subsidiaries, business associates etc.
  • Revaa Hotel reserves its rights to collect, analyze and disseminate aggregate website usage patterns of all its visitors with a view to enhancing services to its visitors. This includes sharing the information with its subsidiaries and business associates as a general business practice.
  • In the course of its business Revaa Hotel may hold on-line contests and surveys as permitted by law and it reserves its right to use and disseminate the information so collected to enhance its services to the visitors. This shall also include sharing the information with its subsidiaries and business associates as a general business practice.
  • Cookies: – To personalize your experience on the Company’s website or to support one of its promotions, Revaa Hotel may assign your computer browser a unique random number (cookie). “Cookies” enhance website performance in important ways like personalizing your experience, or making your visit more convenient. Your privacy and security will not be compromised when you accept a “cookie” from the Company’s website.
  • Changes to the Policy: Revaa Hotel reserves its right to revise this privacy policy from time to time at its sole discretion. Such policy will be available on the Company website.
  • All words and expressions used herein and not defined, but defined in the Information Technology Act, 2000 and/or the Information Technology (Reasonable security practices and procedures and sensitive personal data or information) Rules, 2011 shall have the meanings respectively assigned to them thereunder.